Friday, 10 July 2015

In the Shadow of the Tetons - USA 2015

When I was in Seoul earlier this year I stopped in at an American bar for a beer and got talking to a professional photographer from Jackson, Wyoming. He pulled out his phone and showed me some of his work. Out of the many great images he'd taken one in particular stood out, a moody monochrome shot of an impressive mountain range. This guy was well travelled and I guessed the Andes in South America. "Nah, those are the Tetons, five minutes from my home". I'd never heard of them or seen images of them before but I made a mental note to see them with my own eyes when I got to the U.S. 

Some months later I drove past this spectacular range on the way out of Yellowstone National Park. This was still in Wyoming where the east slope of the mountains put on their most impressive face. Their snow-capped peaks dominate the land for as far as the eye can see and act as a boundary between Wyoming and Idaho. A few days later I was in Idaho on the west side of the range. I fished a creek in the shadow of the Tetons and caught my first trout from Idaho.

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