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The River Loddon, Hampshire

The River Loddon is a chalkstream which rises in the town of Basingstoke and flows north for 28 miles until it joins the Thames. I discovered the Loddon in 2019 when I visited the Barton Mill pub on its banks, and delighted in watching a trout from a table in the beer garden. I had visited family and friends in the town for a couple of years by then, blissfully unaware that a chalkstream sprang to life from within its folds. After a little digging I came across the secretive Gresham Angling Society, and then later, quite fortuitously, an obliging member of the club who was happy to host me as his guest. The club controls fishing on a generous 8 miles of the Loddon and its tributary the Lyde. Given the unsettled weather of June, this trip had already been postponed twice. Third time lucky as the forecast predicted the hottest day of the year yet. My host, Alex, suggested we meet at 11am and gave me directions to an obscure farm track down to the river. We parked next to a shallow ford w

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