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Felberbach, Austria

After fishing the magical Krimmler Ache I needed a day's rest, and then took up Udo's advice to fish the Felberbach. This fast flowing alpine brook tumbled down the mountains behind my hotel so I didn't need to travel far.  Driving up the valley from the town I saw the river occasionally through trees and buildings. It was a white churn of water in a hurry. When clear of the outskirts of the town I pulled into a layby where I waved goodbye to my family. They'd return with the car to collect me at 4pm somewhere along the road which followed the river up the valley. The elevation was only a fraction under 1,000m but the terrain steepened towards an impressive range of snow-capped peaks in the far distance.  Beside the layby was an inviting pool of clear, deep water which I approached from below through a stand of trees. I shimmied down the last of the bank on my backside and slipped into the cold water at the tail of the pool. It was attractive water, with the main flow t

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