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River Wey, Hampshire

“Fishing brings out a lot of the points in Scouting, especially if you fish with the fly. To be successful you must know about the habits and ways of the fish, what kind of haunt he frequents, in what kind of weather he feeds and at what time of the day, and so on. Without knowing these, you can fish away until you are blue in the face and never catch one… If you use a dry fly, that is, keeping your fly sitting on top of the water instead of sunk under the surface, you have really to stalk your fish, just as you would a deer or any other game, for a trout is very sharp-eyed and shy.” ‘Scouting for Boys’, Robert Baden-Powell, 1908 I look forward to the Wild Trout Trust’s fundraising auction each year when I try to win at least one lot. Being successful without a deep pocket is by no means guaranteed because the bidding can be fast and furious in the moments before the hammer comes down. As well as going to a good cause the auction provides a great opportunity to fish at venues which wou

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