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Sussex Diary: 16 September 2023

A diary of my visits to my club's section of river, somewhere in deepest, darkest Sussex. Last month I received an email from Kyle, a fellow South African who'd recently made Sussex his home. Kyle wanted some ideas about where he might find trout in running water before the approaching close of the season. I delivered the bad news first. Unusually for Britain, finding river-dwelling trout in Sussex is about as rare as finding a four-leaf clover.  I was able to point Kyle in the direction of a fly fishing club near his home. This particular club has a stretch of river not too dissimilar to my club's water, meandering banks cut deep into the soft Sussex ground, channeling silty water south to the sea. He is now on a waiting list to join. All that remained was to give Kyle his first taste of trout fishing in Sussex, so I arranged for him to visit my club's water. Kyle could only spare half a day on top of the one hour drive each way. Anticipating hot weather and bright sun

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