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New Zealand (vol. 7): Journey's End

The final instalment of a seven part catch-up series of my second trip to New Zealand in 2015. 11 January 2016 I first met Pieter Koekemoer in February 2015, beside a river in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  Having trudged a fair distance up the secluded river valley, I was disappointed to see another angler ahead of me. Etiquette dictated that the other angler had first right to the river. I could have turned back at that point, but I wanted to ask how the angler was getting on and perhaps gain a tip or two. I made up the ground and when I announced myself, the angler viewed me with suspicion. "Dropping in" ahead of other fishermen does happen, and there are tales of fist fights breaking out. I allayed the angler's concerns and, noticing his accent, asked  'are you South African?'   'Ja'  was the reply, this time accompanied with a grin.  Pieter explained that he and his family had recently emigrated from South Africa. Having described himself as novic

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