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Sussex Diary: 17 October 2021

A diary of my visits to my club's section of river, somewhere in deepest, darkest Sussex. Sunday, 17 October. I hadn't visited the river in 3 months and wanted to fish it at least one more time before the end of the season on 30 October.  When I arrived at 9.00 am, another angler was rigging up a rod in the car park. It's the first time in five visits that I have seen another angler, but then I realised that this was the first time I'd been to the river in the morning and on a weekend. All my prior visits had been in the evening after work, in the hour or two before nightfall. I met and spoke briefly with Gary before he chose to venture downstream. I was pleased, because I wanted to go upstream. A lot had changed since my last visit in July. There was more water now and the summer growth on the banks had died away. The wildflowers were gone, except for one or two red campion which still held out. The land had been blanched of the rich green of summer. Trees were turning

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