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New Zealand (vol. 1): The Happy Return

The eighth and final instalment of a catch-up series about my second trip to New Zealand in 2015. I have renumbered the series in date sequence and this is the first.  18 - 23 October 2015 I was introduced to David Karpul by a mutual friend who was aware of my plans to return to New Zealand for a second time in 2015. A fellow South African living in Australia at the time, David wanted to fly over to New Zealand for a week's fishing prior to an eventual return to his homeland. Would I go fishing with him? Absolutely. And so, whilst my time in the USA was winding down with a final trip in Idaho and Oregon, I began to correspond with David and make plans. With only five days for fishing his brief was simple: to find trout within a reasonable distance of the airport at Christchurch. I knew of just the place from my visit six months before - the meeting point of five rivers at the base of a mountain range a few hundred kilometres north west of the city.  This is an account of those five

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