Safety First

We were sent home early from the office today given the concerns over rioting in Birmingham's city centre. Walking home, smashed shop front windows and empty mobile phone boxes were stark reminders of the wanton destruction and looting of the previous night. Fortunately, the situation seems a little calmer this evening.

The extra time at home provided me with the opportunity to add a few studs to my wading boots. On balance I've been pretty happy with the performance of my Simms Rivershed wading boots this fishing season. Their "Vibram" soles generally afford a good grip on rocky freestone riverbeds but haven't felt nearly as good on gravel and bedrock. On my last fishing trip to the Clettwr River, which mostly runs over algae covered bedrock, I slipped and fell into the river a few times. I'm hoping the studs will offer a better purchase on the riverbed as safety on the water is paramount, particularly when fishing alone.

A few safe wading tips:

1. If possible, fish with a buddy.
2. Apply studs to your wading boot soles.
3. Always wear a wading belt over your waders.
4. Wade slowly; always be sure of your next footfall before taking your next step; wade only in sensible places (i.e. don't be reckless).
5. Consider using a wading staff. Alternatively, make use of a tree branch or a sturdy stick when crossing a particularly powerful current.
6. If you are not a confident swimmer consider using a personal floatation device.
7. If you fall in, don't panic and make your way to the calm water out of the main current.

Tight lines, dry socks and safe wading.


  1. They look like a comfortable boot Justin.

    Not had dunking yet but it's coming I'm sure...

    Just hope it's not in a 12 foot pool.

  2. Chris, there's nothing worse than an unexpected plunge, the icy cold flood of water over the rim of your waders and then the frantic panic to check if your camera and mobile phone are OK. It could be worse so best to take care.

  3. I found a link to a good article on safe wading:

  4. Thanks Justin, it's especially true if you are older and unsteady on your feet.


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