Monday, 7 December 2015

New Zealand is Terrible

New Zealand is terrible. Do NOT come here. The fish are few and far between and ultra spooky and that's assuming you can even spot them. Blind fishing is for amateurs. The wind blows all the time and almost always in your face. It's usually raining. It may even snow or freeze. Your gear will be tested and will most likely be found wanting. The hikes are long and arduous. Sandflies wait to drain your blood the second you leave the sanctity of your vehicle and you will be left scratching the growing collection of red bites for the duration of your trip. Sandfly flavoured coffee and noodles are a given. Don't believe the hype. Stay away!

It's been so "difficult" over the past month and a half I've had no motivation to write. My 'followers' (all 49 of you) must be in a state of despair and worry. I apologise. Blame New Zealand.

I've done solo camping trips and trips with friends old and new. Along the way I've had some truly wonderful and memorable terrible and disappointing backcountry experiences. David, Nick, Jack and Pieter - thank you for your company. Here's a selection of photos from my New Zealand season to date.

David scouting for fish

David and fish

I caught this trout on a dry fly next to our camp on a chilly morning, just after first light! Go Seahawks!

Nick and me with a double hook up

Jack with the finest looking trout I have ever seen
New Zealand has been kind to me this season. Here's a few grip and grin shots with yours truly (most done with a self timer unless specified).

(Jack Kos image)

(Jack Kos image)
New Zealand is so terrible I'm already thinking about returning next season.