Sunday, 14 June 2015

This is Montana - USA 2015

Taking the back roads. Stunning mountain scenery. Casting a dry fly into little creeks to see what they hold. Catching fish. Ticking off the state's blue ribbon rivers along the way. Big skies. Sampling local brews. Pondering the choice of cheese for your burger. Watching the sun set and listening to the splashy sounds of trout eating caddis from your campsite. Being held up by cattle on the roads. Wildlife. A fly fishing store in every town. A pleasingly slow pace of life.

I could live in such a place.


  1. Justin
    Absolute stunning area, my wife and I will be in Montana in September and will fish either the Bitterroot or the Black Foot, have you fish either, and which would fish better in September? I know you may not be able to answer, but I thought I would ask, you might ask the locals if you haven't fish either. Love following you adventures

    1. Hi Bill. You and your wife will love it out here. I'm thinking of fishing the Blackfoot this week now that the levels have dropped. I asked a guide friend - he assures me you will catch fish in either river at that time but says the Bitteroot will be more crowded. Feel free to contact my friend for more accurate info -

    2. I will keep his email and contact him right before we make trip

    3. Should have mentioned, his name is Zac.