Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Cover Shot!

When Dave Rorke, editor of South African 'Flyfishing' magazine, told me he wanted to use a photo of me for the cover of the April/May edition of his magazine, I nearly fell off my chair. How very exciting! This followed a submission of mine to the magazine on the fly fishing possibilities of the Welsh Marches. Seeing as I had just spent my first full season fishing the rivers of this region, it was a report I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The underrated Welsh Marches deserve to be showcased as an excellent and affordable fly fishing destination and I hope my article will encourage readers to make a trip to Wales when next in the UK.

It turned out that Dave quite liked the idea of having a grayling on the cover of his magazine, something which may not have been done in South African fishing print media before. The grayling, so prehistoric looking in appearance, is a fine fish for a magazine cover I'd say.

For more information about 'Flyfishing' magazine, visit their website.

With Dave's kind permission I will post up the full article which featured in the magazine within a week or two.


  1. Justin
    Congrats on this honor. Not many individuals get the chance you have, really proud for you. Now I know a famous blogger buddy.

  2. So were sales up that month Justin or did they plummet, lol?

    Hey, careful they don't ask you to pose for a center-spread. ;-)

    Well done anyway. That's quite an achievement.