Tuesday, 20 March 2012

There's Gold in them thar Hills!

My fishing buddy Laszlo sent me this photo of an incredible trout he happened to catch in Mid Wales when fishing for grayling in the winter. The trout was caught out of season, so after a quick photo it was released with little fuss and swam away strongly. The river’s identity shall remain a secret, but the photo just goes to show the size trout can reach in the rivers of Wales. This fish would be a good catch in New Zealand, never mind Wales! Well done Laszlo.

Any guesses as to its weight?


  1. Super fish! I would guess around 3.5-4lbs. Would be very interested to hear what river it was caught in.

  2. Justin
    Outstanding brown, I would guess 3 lbs---by the way what is the brand of fly rod and reel you are using? Thanks for sharing

  3. Nicholas and Bill, thanks for commenting. I had the fish pegged at around the 4lb mark, give or take. As to the make of rod and reel, I will have to ask Laszlo next time I see him.

  4. If it's a rod n reel in the 1-4 wt range, (for scale) then as a New Zealand angler in NZ, I would say a good 3lbs.