Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Return Home

It was great to catch up with Laszlo on my return to the UK and head out to mid Wales and a secret stream we have fished for the last four years. The weather was typically British, of course, and the stream was at the lowest we have ever seen it. In some places it was unrecognisable, a barely moving trickle, but we gave it a full go.

Fishing was not easy and we struggled to find willing trout. I saw a handful of rises but almost as if someone had flicked a light switch the rises would cease the second I moved into casting position. I lengthened my leader and tippet to 15 feet and cracked into my spool of 6x tippet and only then did I start to have some marginal success. I caught two little trout and what I think was a salmon parr. Laszlo fared a little better with three little trout and a salmon parr.

Salmon parr?

No fireworks, nothing spectacular to report but it was simply good to be back home for a little while and to have fished a stream I know well. Indeed I have fished this stream more than any other so it feels like a special place to me. I was a little disappointed to come across another angler fishing the upper section - the first angler I have come across on this stream - and when he said "the lads at my work told me to come and give this river a try" and "my mate caught 17 fish here yesterday" my heart sank a little at the thought that the secret may slowly be getting out. Oh well, that's fishing for you and nothing lasts forever.